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C.W.'s novels are available in hardcover, trade paperback, audio and e-versions. Click on the title below to learn more about each title. To return to this gallery, click on the BOOKS tab in the navigation menu.

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Romanov Empress

Germany The Romanov Empire Spain The Romanov Express Spain Poland The Romanov Empress -- C.W. Gortner
Slovakia Hungary      



Czech Republic
Marlene U.S. Czech Republic Marlene Russia Marlene Hungary Poland



Vadican Princess -- Hungray Vatican Princess Germany Czech Vatican Princess -- Portugal Russia
Vatican Princess Latvia Hungary    


Mademoiselle Chanel

Mademoiselle Chanel -- Hungray Mademoiselle Chanel Poland Mademoiselle Chanel -- C.W. Gortner Mademoiselle Chanel Czech Mademoiselle Chanel  Russia
China Portugal Serbia    


Tudor Vendetta

Tudor Vendetta audio -- Tudor's Vendetta Vendatta Poland Tudor Vendetta Germany Tudor Vendetta Portugal


The Tudor's Conspiracy
Tudor's Conspiracy -- UK The Tudor Conspiracy -- Germany Poland Tudor Conspiracy -- C.W. Gortner The Tudor's Conspirarcy Bulgaria


The Queen's Vow  -- C.W. Gortner

Queen's Vow Spain -- C.W. Gortner Queen's Vow Hungary -- C.W. Gortner Queen's Vow Sweden -- C.W. Gortner Queen's Vow Portgual -- C.W. Gortner Queen's Vow Russia C.W. Gortner
The Queen's Vow US -- C.W. Gortner The Queen's Vow UK -- C.W. Gortner The Queen's Vow -- C.W. Gortner -- Norway The Queen's Vow -- C.W. Gortner -- Queen's Vow -- Germany
The Queen's Vow Poland -- C.W. Gortner Queen's Vow -- Latvia Queen's Vow -- Romania Queens Vow --  Estonia Queen's Vow Turkey
Queen's Vow        


The Last Queen International

The Last Queen US Hardcover The Last Queen -- Spain The Last Queen -- Spain Germany Italy
Audio Norway Estonia Czech Turkey
Last Queen Poland LQLatvian The Last Queen - C.W. Gortner Last Queen -- Bulgaria The Last Queen Russia


The Last Queen Lithuania        

The Confessions of Catherine DeMedici

s s s s Confessions Germay
Confessions Poland Hungary Croatia Confessions -- C.W. Gortner Bulgaria Czech Republic
INTERNATIONAL. CONFESSIONS OF CATHERINE DE MEDICI Russia C.W. Gortner Confessions -- Romania Confessions Estonia Medici Latvia Confessions Portugal




The Tudor Secret

The Tudor Secret - U.K. Tudor Secret Audio Spain Bulgaria The Tudor's Secret Italy
Tudor Secret Germany Tudor Secret Poland Portugal Tudor's Secret - Estonia The Tudor's Secret Russia
Tudor's Secret Hungary